KW3102T- Bamboo Tatami indoor House Slippers With Bunny available four sizes in variety colors

Have you ever thought about how much dirt and grime you bring into your house when you wear that same pair of shoes inside that you have been wearing all day outside? Have you considered all the dirt and all the germs that get stuck in your carpet? Have you ever considered how much more comfortable it would be to change from your dirty, sweaty shoes into a nice pair of clean and comfortable slippers when you come inside? In many Asian societies people routinely take off their shoes and put on a pair of slippers as soon as they come inside. This helps to keep the home much cleaner and more sanitary. Plus, slippers are so much more comfortable to wear than street shoes and have the added benefit of giving your feet a chance to breathe and relax at the end of the day. These Asian-style house slippers are very lightweight and comfortable. Each slipper can be worn on either the left of the right foot. They slip on and off easily and feel good on your feet. They are very good quality and are